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Violeta Angelova

Ballerina. artist. the original.

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~ "The Bulgarian is a superb technician, flawless in execution, and projects a regal quality that suited the role of Aurora" - The Post Standard

~ "Rag house was a perfect blend of cheeky charm, humor and style, especially in the hands of droll comedian Violeta Angelova" - Asbury Park Press

~ "Ballet Magic", "The brilliant ballerina used her ten day stay home to present an expressive feature performance of classical and contemporary ballet" - Bulgarian Press

~ "Violeta Angelova danced the leads in both Concerto Barocco and Sonatine. A clear, sure dancer, she brought a connectivity of phrasing and range of dynamics to the piece that made it suspenseful" - The New York Times

~ "Notable performance [as the Sugar Plum Fairy] by prima ballerina Violeta Angelova with swan-like appearance and technique" - The Morning Call 


~ "Violeta has represented Bulgaria upon world stages for years; She possesses supreme control over all complex technical elements and a commanding stage presence" - Bulgarian Press

~ "The performance of  Valse-Fantaisie  turned out to be a real marvel. Dressed in gorgeous emerald costumes, the dancers responded to the music and space with terrific sweep and spontaneity. This was a truly incandescent waltz, charged with both energy and glamour. The charismatic Violeta Angelova was light, piquant and assured in her role full of graceful, elegant leaps and turns."